The Club


Christie’s Cabaret Phoenix is the largest and most luxurious adult club in Arizona.  It’s a two-story fantasy paradise of fun and excitement.  The club has a VIP mezzanine level overlooking an expansive main stage and a twenty foot pole.  The entire club is framed by grand staircases, and has three bars all located for guest convenience.  In addition, the Christie’s Cabaret VIP areas are particularly exciting: they have the finest furnishings and accommodations available anywhere.  One visit and you will immediately see for yourself that Christie’s Cabaret is more than just another strip club, it’s the only true gentleman’s club in Phoenix.

The Service

Christie’s Cabaret is all about hospitality.  Our clubs are gorgeous, but that doesn’t matter if you aren’t treated like royalty while you’re here.  There is no club in Phoenix more committed to great service than Christie’s Cabaret.  From the moment you walk through our doors every member of our staff will be breaking their backs to make sure your every need is anticipated, and your every want fulfilled.  Christie’s Cabaret is comfortable, clean, and safe.  Everyone here is friendly and ready to have a great time with you.


Christie's Cabaret Entertainers

The Girls


Finally, the number one feature of Christie’s Cabaret: the entertainment.  Our girls are carefully selected to be not only gorgeous, but friendly and easy to talk to.  We have a wide variety of beautiful women here, and every one of them is sexy, sensual, and eager to meet you.